Welcome to the Teen Health Blog. This isn't your average sugar-coated blog. I'm 19 and I'm not a doctor, or a nutritionist, BUT I have been anorexic, bulimic, and a binge eater. I have gained weight, lost weight, gained it back +50lbs, lost it again. I have tried every fucking diet in the book. So this is a real experience blog. I will tell you straight up, what works and what is a waste of your precious little time. I have diet reviews, product reviews, recipes, and more. So check it out you aspiring skinny bitches, I think you will find some things you like.


Ahhh the ABC diet. I chose to expose my experience with this little monster next because it seems to dominate a good portion of the tumblr world.  However, if you pay close attention to the ABC diet posts, you often notice that they say one of three things:

1. Starting ABC diet tomorrow!
2. ABC diet update but it is never past like day 7
3. Messed up my ABC diet and binged (then they circle back to number 1)

What it is: The ABC diet stand for Annorexic Boot Camp.  It is a damn catchy name, kind of trendy, and makes you want to join in the ‘boot camp.’  The diet covers about a month and it gives you a calorie target for each day.  This is usually around 300-500 calories.  Sometimes it is a bit higher, and sometimes you fast.  I’m pretty sure it was created by someone who just randomly picked a number and that was what the days calories would be.

The main red flag to this diet (besides the obvious starving) is the fact that it doesn’t give you a guideline of what to eat.  Calorie limit is 500 today? Have a piece of cheesecake, or some doritos and a pepsi.

My experience:  I lasted 25 days on this diet.  My experience was a rollercoaster for sure.  The first 15 days, I lost 8 pounds.  I thought this was the greatest thing ever, and even though I would blackout upon standing and waas in a bad mood constantly, I just wanted to keep going.  Around day 18 something horrible happened… I started to gain weight!  Part of this was because my metabolism had gone to SHIT and part of it was because my body was no longer going to SHIT.  It was holding on to every morsel of food and I had no choice but to take a daily laxative to use to restroom.  Day 25 rolled around and my skin looked gross, my hair was dull, I was moody and tired and STILL GAINING WEIGHT.

I  decided to nix the diet at that point because it wasn’t working and spent the next week in an epic binge.  Gained every pound back +5 and decided to never try that again.

Another con: Say goodbye to your social life with this one because one slice of pizza with your friends takes up your whole day or calories.

Bottom line: I would not reccomment this to anyone because it is fucking ridiculous and either doesn’t work or doesn’t work for long.

If you are reading this and currenly on this thing and decide to stop, slowly up your calories by 150 per day until you are up to or above 1200.  Your gotta work your metabo back up.