Welcome to the Teen Health Blog. This isn't your average sugar-coated blog. I'm 19 and I'm not a doctor, or a nutritionist, BUT I have been anorexic, bulimic, and a binge eater. I have gained weight, lost weight, gained it back +50lbs, lost it again. I have tried every fucking diet in the book. So this is a real experience blog. I will tell you straight up, what works and what is a waste of your precious little time. I have diet reviews, product reviews, recipes, and more. So check it out you aspiring skinny bitches, I think you will find some things you like.

What to do after a binge.

Fuck.  It happened.  You were doing so well.  Then you ate one thing that was “bad.”  That one thing turned into two which turned into two… thousand extra calories.  It happens to a lot of us.  You might be thinking “but nobody has binged this bad.”  Trust me, I have had days where I had eaten well over 12,000 calories.  This post isn’t here to tell you it happened because you were depriving yourself or because you are a failure… it is just some tips that should help take the edge off.

First of all here are the do nots:

1. Don’t take laxatives, they just dehydrate you and make you feel worse.

2. Don’t throw the food up, it just gives you incentive to binge more in the future and causes countless amounts of health issues.

3. Don’t weigh yourself, the weight you gained isn’t permanent it’s just the food.

4. Don’t panic.

Here are some things to do…

1. Before going to sleep drink tons of water, as much as you can handle.  You are going to need it to flush out your system.

2. Put on comfortable clothes, you already know that you feel huge so make yourself comfortable.

3. When you wake up the next day, or the same day if the binge is over, go for a walk or do something else active to keep your mind off of the previous binge.

4. Eat high fiber foods the next day.  Fasting isn’t going to help you.  It is okay if you eat slightly less because you are so full but you have to eat something the next day.  Fruits and vegetables are a good way to move the food through you quickly.  Avoid salty foods.

5. Write down how you feel after the binge, this way next time before it happens you have something to remind you how much it sucks.